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Esthetician | Makeup Artist​ | Philanthropist

I've always had a love for art and come from a family where it's been, in some form, a constant presence whether visual, through drawing and design, or performing art through music, writing or otherwise. Art has and will always be a creative outlet for me, thus it seems gravitation toward makeup art and the world of beauty would be natural and inevitable.   

My specialty is soft luxury makeup and brow styling; I also enjoy the art of editorial makeup. My signature style is "believable beauty" whether a full-on transformation or subtle enhancement. My hope is to radiate the internal beauty of my clients to the external, highlighting the natural beauty that already exudes from within. 

​Beauty for me it's not just about vanity, a creative outlet or a career, but a matter of the heart, in its own way, beauty is my ministry. I'm trusted with my client's most important physical feature and on many occasions, take part in some of their most memorable life experiences. It is an honor that I don't take lightly.


I've also come to understand and see life as a journey to beauty, a journey to become more and more of who we were always meant to be. Life is a beautiful fusion of joy, pain, passion, and purpose and I've chosen to express mine by founding a ministry and foundation for women and girls with a mission to inspire beauty in and around us, 

I Inspire Beauty.

I've received training from some of the industry's leading celebrity makeup artists and beauty brands including MAC Cosmetics, PCA Skin, and Xtreme Lashes. I provide services in the Columbia SC and Charlotte NC areas.

Thank you for visiting my site. 

Peace, Love, Beauty & Blessings to you!


"You are more than a make-up artist, you are out here being the friend you need to keep you smiling, the friend to make sure your hair is in place, and the friend to remind you - you got this...all while making sure your make-up is on point! You are now my OFFICIAL make-up artist and I'm telling everybody about you!" 

- Erica